typography and its differences
typography and its differences

Content is everything whether you sell a product, share life experiences, or express an opinion. It changes the lives of humans and presents the author’s perspectives based on tone, message, and meaning. Information creates better interest through quality content that triggers the audience to ask for more. But in order for content to be effective, your headline needs to be eye-catching which makes it different from the other content. That’s where typography kicks in.

Typography and why it matters

Typography is a set of words based on a topic, that is visually engaging through the sense of style and appearance they present to a reader…

Human ideas are evolving in the way they perceive their growing business in modern technology and automation. It creates a massive impact where it forecasts to increase global economic growth by 5% in the next 2 years but with the pandemic disruption last year, it comes across as the biggest challenge to business tech industries to create solutions for humans.

Somehow, organizations need to see their featured product in a clear picture where every feature can make a difference inside the outgrowing market. Creative collaboration, for example, doesn’t have to be in the broad area of design where colorful sunshine…

Click. Breathe. Browse.

You stare. You think. You sit for 9 hours to work.

It’s been 9 years since I’m doing this lifelong learning and I’ve seen how things changed after college. But after scrolling to Facebook just to detoxify, I mean “detoxify”, it somehow adds to my rolling eyes and wants to rant out online.

I always seeing non-designers criticizing other designers’ work that can’t make a cut into the creative industry because their artwork looks cheap and adds insult comments to decrease the artist’s passion to strive. …

Series of anime shows in Netflix
Series of anime shows in Netflix

Oh boy, the wonders of Anime.

From watching classic anime on TV as a kid to manga sketches, it’s no doubt about the effects of Anime in my life. The energetic, positive vibe that creates a barrier of opportunities and connections makes the whole word meaningful. Opportunities because I used it to decide where I want to become and where I belong today.

I got hooked when I watched Enter the Anime Netflix because it tackles “What is Anime?” and how it influences me to be part of their culture that my parents didn’t teach me about?

Anime derives the…

Rafael Payumo

Ralph is a freelance designer based in Caloocan, Philippines working with companies in transforming corporate identities to human brands. 🕳🤸‍♂️🚶‍♀️

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